Skill Training

Sport-specific lessons take place individually or in small groups. Athletes learn to improve the skill aspect of their sport including movement patterns and corrections. Sport-specific lessons can focus on only skill aspects, or they can include power movements relevant to the player's position. An outline of the four core sports we provide skill training for can be found below. 

Football Skill Training

We work with the Cleveland Gladiators to offer position-specific football skill work for athletes of all ages and experience levels. Individual and small group lessons are offered. 

Hockey Skill Training

Dry-land speed and strength training are available for individuals, small groups and teams.

Baseball & Softball Skill Training

We offer individual instruction for hitting, pitching, and fielding in baseball and softball. Instruction is available for all ages and skill levels. Our 30-minute lessons will progress as the athlete's ability increases over the course of training.

The T3 Rays are T3's club baseball and softball teams ages 9u-18u. For more information on the Rays Team, visit their official website.


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