Strength & Conditioning Coach


  • Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science

  • Nationally recognized strength and conditioning certification (CSCS, SCCC, USAW, PES)

  • 1-3 years experience in strength & conditioning, team training, or performance training.

Job Description:

T3 Performance is looking for a strength and conditioning coach experienced in youth athlete development. The coach will be required to run athlete training sessions focused on speed development, weight room training, and conditioning practices. Additionally, the coach will be required to run team sports performance training - including but not limited to speed training, weight room training, youth development, communication with sport coaches, and positive representation of T3 Performance at offsite contracts. This is a part-time position with potential for full-time work.

Coach Responsibility:

  • Organize and run athlete training sessions

  • Develop positive coaching relationship with athletes and coaches

  • Monitor and instruct athletes during sessions

  • Motivate athletes throughout session

  • Communicate with athletes and coaches

  • Demonstrate professionalism, optimism, and resiliency

  • Have the ability to think creatively

  • Strengthen industry knowledge through ongoing professional development

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T3 Performance is a sports performance training facility that works with athletes of all ages and abilities to maximize their athleticism.  The goal of the T3 Performance internship program is to educate participants in all aspects of sports performance coaching and athletic performance.  Interns will assist the Performance Staff in implementing a comprehensive athletic performance training program. 

Areas that will be covered include:

  • Speed Development (acceleration, top-end speed and multidirectional mechanics)

  • Olympic lifting

  • Correctional exercises

  • Functional strength development

  • Assessments

  • Dynamic warm up and mobility

  • How to coach and communicate with athletes

The program includes weekly staff development meetings, daily on-the-floor learning sessions, and hands-on, practical applications with athletes and teams of all levels. Interns will leave the internship with a greater understanding of performance training and the ability to apply it. 

Current INTERNSHIP Openings:    


What you will learn: • Warm Up Technique • Speed Mechanics • Strength & Power Development • Correctional Exercise • Olympic Lifting • Injury Prevention • Athlete Assessments

Expectations: • Commitment • Apply Classroom Knowledge • Art of Coaching • Communication Skills • Learn T3 Methodology • Hands on Coaching Experience


What you will learn: • Social Media • T3 App Development • Facility Management • Advertising • Risk Management • Project Analysis • Sales & Marketing

Expectations: • Commitment • Apply Classroom Knowledge • Team Work • Communication Skills • Learn T3 Methodology


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*Deadline to Apply for Summer Internship: April 1st

*Deadline to Apply for Fall Internship: September 1st

*Deadline to Apply for Spring Internship: December 1st



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