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Our Adult Fit Training Classes are group classes that take place in our Adult Gym Area. The classes focus on functional training for adults of all ages and experience levels.

Fit45 - This cardio-based class utilizes stationary bikes, ski ergs, sleds and rowers. Expect a high-intensity, low impact cardio burn with core and body weight exercises for 45 minutes of calorie-burning fun!

Fit60 - This 60-minute class includes strength training, core, and high-intensity low-impact cardio training. Fit60 offers scaled workouts based on your ability level and experience.

Adult Barbell - T3 Barbell has some of the best technique coaches on Olympic lifting. If you want to learn to improve your lifting technique and love strength-based workouts, this class is for you.

Call us at 440.934.2244 or email us for more information on schedule availability and pricing.

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